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    In 2009, two like-minded individuals who had been working in the energy industry for over 25 years came together with a vision to form an energy cost management consultancy.

    The aim was and still is to drive their clients’ costs down by taking a holistic approach to energy cost management.

    Understanding energy is at the heart of everything we do at the Utility Team. Our support and experience spans over a hundred years. What makes us different, is our track record in pioneering, innovative products and services, combined with excellent customer care provided by our expert energy consultants.

    We believe that the people who work within Utility Team are our greatest asset. Our success is directly related to those people. Our service delivery teams are sector specific, so that you always work with people who understand the opportunities and challenges your business may face now and in the future. We see this as an essential part of working together successfully.

    Based in Coventry, we are one of the leading utilities and energy consultants. We manage more than 5,000 meter points and are responsible for over £1 billion of annual spend on energy. As well as having customers from all over England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, we also do business internationally and have clients in Europe and America as well.

    Customer Commitment

    Our commitment to delivering excellent customer service via your dedicated account manager means our customers achieve the business results they desire.

    We believe that solid foundations are the key to successful business development. Our core business of procuring gas, electricity and water is supported by a comprehensive range of supplementary services. All tailored to fit the needs of our diverse customer base.

    By maintaining clear and open channels of communication, we are able to ensure our customers enjoy a well-supported experience and remain confident that we have their best interests at heart.

    Utility Team is run in a responsible manner in all aspects of the business. We ensure we look after our customer’s accounts as if they were our own. Our staff strive to find both value for money and the most effective provision for each client. We ensure we communicate effectively so they know what’s happening throughout the whole process and pride ourselves on treating the customer with the utmost respect, honesty and integrity.

    Supplementary Services

    Although our core service is vitally important to our business and the customers it serves, no service provision would be complete without supporting supplementary services. The utilities industry encompasses so much and as such, we feel offering a full and varied expanse of amenities is necessary to help our customers in all areas. Our extra services include (but are not limited to) the following:

    • Siteworks
    • Bill Validation
    • New Connections
    • Government & Legislative Advice

    E.g. Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), Climate Change Levy (CCL), Climate Change Agreement (CCA), Streamlined & Energy Carbon Reporting Framework (SECR) etc.

    • KVA Management
    • Telecommunications
    • Energy Efficiency Measures
    • Site Audits
    • Water services e.g. bill validation, SMART Metering.

    ….and more

    Online Portal

    Our bespoke energy portal offers clients a wide range of services and tools which are accessible 24 hours a day via web browser.

    This portal gives you complete control of your gas and energy billed usage with a range of detailed reports and analysis which can be downloaded in .csv or .pdf formats.

    Improve the energy efficiency of your business by keeping track of usage trends. Monitoring peaks to prevent energy waste; saving money and the environment. In addition, the portal also features VAT, CO2 and CCL reporting – providing detailed tracking of your company’s expenditure.

    Utility Team Mission Statement

    Utility Team mission statement is to procure and manage electricity and gas performance for the end user in a reliable, efficient and environmentally sound manner. Our vision is to be the recognised performance leader of the UK business electric and gas (utility) consultancy industry. We build value through the strength of our customers’ satisfaction and by consistently producing superior operating results.


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