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    Established in 1988, Tip Top Linen Services Ltd has a track record second to none in meeting the needs of restaurants, hotels, event organisers, catering companies and airlines.

    With more than two decades of providing linen of high quality to the hotel and catering industry, meeting the needs of these businesses with particular taste and requirements, Tip Top Laundy & Linen hire has learned that attention to detail is everything, from timely deliveries to ease of ordering.

    The company has invested heavily in modern machinery, huge stocks and has also acquired more space to meet the demand for its work. The company’s new laundry facility, which is now more than 13,000.00 square feet, allows it to respond quickly to customers’ needs and requests.

    Tip-top beliefs

    Tip Top Laundry & Linen Hire believes that quality products and consistency in its services are key to ensuring it meets the high standards of its customers so they can in turn meet the tough demands of their own customers.

    Being honest, reliable and having full transparency has led the company to where it is today. Its staff echo this philosophy and are happy to be working in an environment where high standards are maintained and understand core principles.

    Coming from humble backgrounds, the directors always feel fortunate for being in a position where they are today. They believe in a personable approach and giving back to the community through local and national charities.


    Ethos: The company’s ethos has been – and will always be – to provide high quality products and a high quality service to all customers.

    As a family run company, Tip Top Laundry & Linen Hire treats every staff as a family member. The company believes that the culture at work should be so that our staff feel comfortable and be respected and in an environment where they are happy.


    The company’s suppliers are all responsible businesses some dating back 100+years in this industry. It has insured that its approach to being responsible is adhered to so we can rest assured that the linen being provided is of a high standard and is ethically sauced. Some of the suppliers also have taken the initiative to promote higher levels of social responsibility by joining the “better cotton initiative (bci)for short, this organisation is a non for profit to connect cottons complicated internal supply chain, from the farmers to retailers and to promote global standards for better cotton. BCI is there to make global cotton production better for the people who produce it, better for the environment it grows in and better for the sectors future.




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