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    Starpool is an international luxury spa and wellness brand with 40 years of experience and more than 3.000 project implementations in Europe and all over the world.

    Starpool products are manufactured to the highest standard, using only the top-quality materials to deliver exceptional eco-friendly spa and wellness facilities that represent true luxury.

    Pool & Spa Consulting:

    At Starpool we offer engineering planning of Spas, swimming pools, tailor-made products, mechanical and electric plants, feasibility and sustainability analysis with consequent business plan development, alongside training and start-up support.

    Design & Build:

    The highest-quality, custom made swimming pools and spa suites employing cutting-edgetechnology to create the ideal wellness facility that goes well beyond client’s expectationsin terms of pool and spa design, functionality and impact.

    The expert team are well-versed in the design and construction of luxury pools and wellness spaces for homes, hotels, yachts and day spas, all based on highly functional concepts that provide you with the ultimate rejuvenation space in the place you need it most. We take zoning, layout and prospective and volumetric views into account.

    The design team at Starpool is on the front line of innovation and fresh approaches to the creation of top-class spa products and facilities.



    Starpool’s new sp.a_system is the latest in luxury wellness, featuring exclusive designs combined with smart technology for a complete relaxation experience. Four wellness paths for four wellness goals that bring together the benefits of the traditional sauna and steam with the cooling sensation of an ice cabin and sensory showers. 


    At Starpool we offer a wide variety of unique spa collections, from simple and elegant designs to those that are technology-laden and highly functional. The team understand that every client is one-of-a-kind, so our spa options always reflect that diversity among our customers. Each of Starpool’s spa collection is intended to appeal to those of differing tastes and physical requirements, so you’ll always find one to suit you. 


    The Art of Design:

    Along with the possible customisation of each facility, Starpool’s range of products offer more than 20,000 possible design configurations for steam baths, saunas and heat baths, relax beds, showers, ice rooms, pools, dry floating products and furniture for Spas.


    Dry Float Spa:

    To maximise the benefits of the traditional spa setting, we’ve developed a dry floatation collection that brings the wellness concept to a new dimension of relaxation.

    Regenerate your body and mind with Zerobody

    Zerobody is a dry floatation bed that relieves your central nervous system from any external stimuli. Zerobody is an innovative patented system that allows floatation in zero gravity over 400 litres of warm water. Your body and mind live an unforgettable experience of deep regeneration, embraced by coloured lights and a soft lumbar massage. It is suitable for everyone. Convenient and easy to use, no need for dressing rooms or showers, hygiene is guaranteed.

    You just need 10 minutes to get tangible results.
    How? Thanks to the innovative “dry” evolution of the traditional Float Therapy, consideredall over the world as one of the most effective anti-stress solutions.

    Nuvola experience

    Beauty and wellness, aesthetic treatments and sensual pleasure together at last, in one sublime, holistic experience.

    The Nuvola treatment bed – floatation in zero gravity

    Nuvola promotes a complete physical and mental relaxation, thanks to the synergy between floatation, the hands of the wellness operator and the cosmetic of your choice. It also allows performing scrubs and mini-massages with oils and creams during the opening and closing phases of floatation.

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